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Decoding Web3: X Drops NFT Profile Pics, Bitcoin's Lunar Journey Stalls
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Decoding Web3: X Drops NFT Profile Pics, Bitcoin’s Lunar Journey Stalls

X, the tech venture helmed by Elon Musk, surprised users this week by discontinuing support for NFT profile pictures, a feature introduced in January 2022. Initially a free offering, Musk later monetised the profile pictures, but the abrupt reversal suggests a change in perspective. The formerly hexagonal profile pictures, now circular, left users speculating on Musk's motives, as neither he nor X provided public commentary on the decision.
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Ultra Games: A New Web3 Marketplace for Digital Games

The Ultra Games marketplace is a new Web3 gaming platform that allows players to resell their digital games to other users. This platform is built on top of the Ultra layer-1 network, which is a fork of the EOS blockchain that has been in development since 2018.
Supermodular: A Regenerative Web3 Venture Studio.
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Supermodular: A Regenerative Web3 Venture Studio

Kevin Owocki, co-founder and former CEO of Gitcoin, is unveiling his latest venture, Supermodular, at ETHDenver, a Web3 hackathon and conference. Supermodular is a venture studio for regenerative Web3 projects, with a focus on regenerative finance (ReFi).