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Meta Developing Text-Based Decentralized Social Network with Instagram Integration

Meta is reportedly working on a text-based social network that will utilize ActivityPub, the decentralized social networking protocol that powers Mastodon.
Meta Developing Text-Based Decentralized Social Network with Instagram Integration

Code-named P92, the new Instagram-branded app is a separate text-based content platform that will allow users to log in using their existing Instagram credentials. According to a report by TechCrunch, the P92 team plans to initially populate users’ profiles with their Instagram account details, such as name, username, bio, profile photo, and followers.

While the app will adhere to the company’s current privacy policy, it will also have a supplementary privacy policy and terms of service that specifically address cross-app data sharing.

Rising Popularity of Alternative Platforms

With the growing trend of Twitter users seeking alternative platforms, technology companies and startups have been looking to take advantage of this opportunity. In recent months, several rival platforms, such as Mastodon,, and T2, have either launched or gained traction in their efforts to attract these users.

The current plan for P92’s minimum viable product (MVP) is to enable users to broadcast posts to people on other servers. However, it is still undecided whether users can follow and view people’s content on other servers.

Features of the Initial Version

The initial version of the app will include features such as tappable links in posts with previews, user bio, username, verification badges, images, and videos that can be shared. It will also have functionalities such as followers and likes, but it is uncertain whether commenting and messaging features will be included in the product’s first version.

The development team is also discussing the possibility of allowing content to be reshared like Twitter, but only for business and creator accounts. The MVP will integrate a rights manager for first-party content from the beginning but not third-party content from other apps and servers.


As the trend of decentralized social networks continues to rise, #Meta’s development of P92 aims to attract users seeking alternatives to centralized platforms. With the integration of Instagram credentials, the app could potentially see a rapid user base growth. While the exact launch date is still unknown, the announcement of the app’s development could impact the future of decentralized social networks.

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