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Decoding Web3: X Drops NFT Profile Pics, Bitcoin's Lunar Journey Stalls
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Decoding Web3: X Drops NFT Profile Pics, Bitcoin’s Lunar Journey Stalls

X, the tech venture helmed by Elon Musk, surprised users this week by discontinuing support for NFT profile pictures, a feature introduced in January 2022. Initially a free offering, Musk later monetised the profile pictures, but the abrupt reversal suggests a change in perspective. The formerly hexagonal profile pictures, now circular, left users speculating on Musk's motives, as neither he nor X provided public commentary on the decision.
Starbucks Enters the NFT Market with its Siren Collection
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Starbucks Enters the NFT Market with its Siren Collection

Starbucks' Ethereum sidechain network, Polygon-based Starbucks Odyssey rewards program, is taking a step forward into the world of Web3 by launching its Siren Collection, a premium NFT collection that includes 2,000 unique pieces of artwork inspired by the brand's iconic logo.
Coinbase Head of Protocols Jesse Pollak Outlines Plans for Future Innovation.
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Coinbase Continues to Innovate Despite Challenges with NFT Marketplace

Coinbase, the publicly traded crypto company, is pushing the envelope when it comes to product innovation. Jesse Pollak, the head of protocols at Coinbase, spoke recently at ETH Denver about the company's investment in Base, an Ethereum layer-2 sandbox for decentralized applications.